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In which we continue our countdown of the 25 films we are most looking forward to this summer season.


15. Rise of the Planet of the Apes – The original Planet of the Apes films hold a special place in my heart. They are the first films in the sci-fi vein of The Twilight Zone or Philip K. Dick that I can remember watching. In a sense, they were a gateway drug to some of my favorite movies ever. And I can still remember my ten year old brain trying to puzzle out some of the paradoxes raised by the sequels. All of which is to say that while I look forward to more Planet of the Apes movies, I’d really rather nobody screw it up, either.

14. The Hangover Part II – Probably started out the year higher on my list, but holy cow, did you see that trailer?  I really really want to believe they don’t want to give away any jokes from the film.  Which is fine by me, I always hate it when I’ve already seen a film’s best laughs.  But yeesh.  It looks like an exact copy of the first one, minus the comedy.  Here’s hoping it is just a poorly cut trailer and not a result of the film being co-written by the guy who wrote Superhero Movie.

13. Captain America: First Avenger – Sheesh, another WWII awards bait movie, amiright? I’m a little wary of big budget comic book movies, I think the Iron Man films are the only ones I’ve really liked from the recent spate. Doesn’t stop me from continuing to watch them, though. My biggest concern is probably that the film was written by the guys who did You Kill Me, which I really didn’t like. The cast is interesting, though seemingly all the main actors are playing roles I wouldn’t have picked for them.  Still, the trailer was pretty darn cool.

12. The Help – You might recall Viola Davis grabbed an Oscar nomination for her one scene in Doubt. Since then, she seems to have been stuck playing authority figures like doctor and mayor with little screen time.  So I’m hoping she gets a little more to do here.  The cast also features Oscar winner Sissy Spacek, Oscar nominee Cicely Tyson, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Alison Janney, Golden Globe nominee Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Chastain (who hasn’t been nominated for anything yet, but who is poised for a super huge year), and, of course, Golden Globe nominee Emma Stone.  Who Brian may claim to really like, but he can get back to me after he’s seen The Rocker two times. I agree, though, that films about race relations can often be very frustrating, so hopefully this one remembers that a little nuance never hurt anyone.

11. The Beaver – I still can’t believe this film is actually happening.  Sure, there’s the whole guy talking through a beaver hand puppet thing.  And then you have Jodie Foster directing her first film in sixteen years.  Mel Gibson attempting to return to the good graces of America.  And a Black List script written by Kyle Killen.  Killen, you may recall, was the man behind Lone Star, the critically lauded show that was so cruelly cancelled after about two episodes.  There’s no reason this movie should exist.


15. Cowboys vs. Aliens — There’s so much to like here. Harrison Ford as the grumpy old sherrif and Daniel Craig as the bad-ass and mysterious alien fighter. I’ve got a bad sense that this is actually going to be awful and be a everlasting stain on Ford’s career. But that’s just being a Debbie Downer. I respect that the trailers that have come out so far have left some intrigue to the plot — and cmon, its cowboys versus aliens. That’s good enough for me.

14. Crazy Stupid Love — I’m ecstatic over this one. I’ll expand on this more later, but I’m pro-Ryan Reynolds Ryan Gosling (DAMMIT I have to stop writing these after midnight). I’m also pro-Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei, and duh, Emma Stone. This cast can’t really get any better, and I need to start lowering my expectations now to stave off disappointment.

13. Larry Crowne — If Cowboys vs. Aliens is being coy, then Larry Crowne is freaking throwing itself at me. But when you have Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts playing lost souls on the highway of life, there’s immediately something winning within. I have a problem with rich-white-people-porn movies, where the lead characters have absurd houses and interior decorating and work in low-stress high-paying creative jobs. Fortunately, this looks like something new. Intriguing.

12. Bridesmaids —  Like Jared, I have a Kristin Wiig problem here. On SNL, she’s approaching Cheri O’Teri level of unwatchability. But the rave reviews are getting me pumped up, and Ellie Kemper just puts a smile on my face. I’ve also heard great things from a friend who caught an advance screener, so this film has slowly crept up my list.

11. Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides — I’m not really sure how the fourth Pirates film got this far down the list. Part of the appeal of the original was the (albeit thin) allusions to Caribbean colonial history, and from the looks of it, we’ll be seeing Jack Sparrow in Enlightenment London, so more fake history there. They’ve dropped the deadweights of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, brought back Geoffrey Rush and added Ian McShane. Oh yeah, thats how Pirates got down to 11th.

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