The Academy has released the list of the nearly three hundred films eligible for the Oscars.  It is an interesting read, if you are a huge movie dork, if only as a refresher of all the movies that came out this year.  And I’ll admit that there are a few on there (like Amigo or @urfrenz) that I hadn’t heard of, which hurts my pride just a little bit.

I know a rules post is generally in John’s purview.  But I just wanted to reiterate that deep down, I’ve always felt that it isn’t really right to voice an opinion on the best movie of the year without having seen all of them.  I know that’s not especially feasible.  Heck, I’ll be thrilled if I can get to half of these movies.  Still, it seems like each movie deserve its fair shot.  Of course, that’s how I end up watching lots and lots of junky movies.