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I’ll spare you a minute by minute recap and just try to hit the highlights.  You can see the winners here.  The headlines will be about The Artist and The Help winning a bunch of awards.  In terms of Oscar, I’m not sure we learned too much more information since the show happens too late to really affect Oscar voting and awards generally went to someone considered a favorite (heck, even I got 16/24 right and only missed one major award).

The show was hosted by Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer.  I haven’t seen any Human Giant, but I generally find the two tolerably funny, and I think getting comedians to host makes a lot of sense.  Unfortunately, most of the jokes fell flat for me.  Bits included: using motion capture to do inanimate objects, a chat with the presidents of the BFCA (Waldorf and Statler), getting a table in the audience to actually strip down to their underwear, bringing out their understudies (little Rob and little Paul, two kids dressed like the hosts) an interview with the horse from War Horse talking about his next movie (a prison film co-starring Michael Cera), and a fictional character in memoriam montage.  All are clever ideas that just were not executed well.  However, the co-hosts frenetic pace did make it seem like were moving along.

The year in film montage was, as expected, really heavy with films released in the last three months of the year.  The movies went by really quickly and it isn’t interesting enough for me to bring it up again, but some unexpected movies I believe I saw in the montage: The Beaver, Hobo with a Shotgun, Our Idiot Brother, Bellflower, The Green Hornet.

Almost all of this year’s Oscar players were in attendance, along with a decent chunk of Hollywood royalty.  Seemed like Stacy Keibler and George Clooney had the most reaction shots.  I’ll keep saying it, after What About Brian, I’m a big Stacy Keibler fan.  Also, she was born in Baltimore and was a Ravens cheerleader, so even though I can’t find any so-called proof, I’m going to go ahead and assume she’s an O’s fan.

The next few on the reaction shot rankings were Charlize Theron, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, and Emma Stone (though they showed her a bunch and the beginning and then stopped).  The most awkward reaction was when the kid version of the hosts said they liked awards season because the women wore dresses that revealed the top of their boobs and the camera went to Busy Phillips.

Funniest presenter was Patton Oswalt, who had just lost Best Supporting Actor.  His best line was probably about this night was brought to you by the letter Scotch [said as he took a swig from his flask].

Funniest line in a thank you speech was Christopher Plummer who said being honored by the critics was like going on a three week binge with the enemy.

Most disappointing presenters were Donald Glover and Mindy Kaling who made a stale joke about how Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron with both hot.

The house band was Fitz and the Tantrums.  I like Moneygrabber and I think their style translates well to this sort of thing.  The sound seemed to have minor issues off and on most of the night, but even taking that into consideration, I’m not sure the lead singer dude can really sing.

Sean Penn was pleasantly gracious about his humanitarian award, he gave his speech from Haiti via satellite.  George Clooney presented it, and good lord can that man work an awards stage.

The other pre-announced award was the music and film award to Martin Scorsese.  It is the second year they are doing the award, which I think was a brilliant idea.  Scorsese was obviously deserving of this one, which was introduced by Leo DiCaprio and Olivia Harrison.  Oddly, the montage they played featured music from his films and video from his films, but not the music that went with the video.  Bob Dylan performed “Blind Willie McTell” (because he can get away with anything) and got a rousing standing ovation (because you can’t not applaud Bob Dylan at these things).

Those are the highlights, pretty much.  They did a good job keeping it two hours, but of course they didn’t present every award they gave out.  Apatow cursed out Jerry Lewis during his speech, that was fun.  Along with the award, the kid from Everything Loud and Incredibly Close got a lot of applause when his name was first read among the nominees.

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