Jared did a fine job of organizing our pre-nomination wish/prediction posts in my absence. In my haste to rush off to an African country without a single cinema (those poor – literally – people) I forgot a couple things!

Each of these could fit in multiple categories: long shot dreams, technical category wishes, or just things I have my fingers crossed about.

The first is Hanna for Sound Mixing. My memory was jogged when I saw it managed to land a guild nod, inproving its chances at the Oscars. The whole film is a delighful stylish exercise, but the sound mix really stands out, particularly as it blends in The Chemical Brothers’ pulsating score.

Second is Kung Fu Panda 2 for Animated Feature. In a lackluster animated year with a full five nominees, I don’t know how this seems to never be in the discussion. It’s almost as good as its nominated predecessor and contains some really impressive animation, including a sequence with a neat Asian style. Won’t someone think of this film, which is also the highest-grossing film with a female director of all time?