The 84th Academy Awards is almost here! Leading up to the event, we’re going to put all the hours we spent watching these films to good use by giving our thoughts on all the categories, big and small. We may not be experts on everything, but I daresay that’s never stopped anyone from blogging before. On the (very remote chance) you disagree with us or the (much more likely chance) you want to applaud our picks, please chime in below.

Short Film (Animated)

The nominees are:

  • Dimanche/Sunday
  • The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
  • La Luna
  • A Morning Stroll
  • Wild Life


This year’s crop of animated shorts didn’t do a ton for me. All were fine but none really stood out. At least all of them have interesting visual styles and there’s a nice mix of animation techniques from simple hand-drawn line drawings to computer animation. I suppose my winner is Wild Life, a fish out of water story of an Englishman relocating to the harsh Canadian countryside. Its painterly style has a neat look even if the story is rather thin. My second choice is A Morning Stroll, a take on a story about a chicken walking down a street and pecking at a door to be let in. I appreciate the bizarre direction the filmmakers take this premise and the range of animation styles they use.


I was pretty underwhelmed with the animated shorts this year.  A lot of people like The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, but I found it really boring.  Not an exaggeration, I almost dozed off during it.  As Adam points out, though, the Humpty Dumpty book was pretty solid.  Dimanche/Sunday was also not good.  It had a few interesting places it could have gone, but didn’t.  I did like the animal that was mounted in the house, though.  Wild Life was…strange.  I have absolutely no idea what was going on with the comet facts.  Maybe I missed something (wouldn’t be the first time), but they were distracting and had no payoff.

I liked La Luna.  It had a very sweet point.  Maybe it is just me, but I thought the dad (the one on the right) looked a lot like the dad from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (also the one on the right).

But the clear winner here is A Morning Stroll.  It was clever, funny, and visually inventive.  And it may have been the only nominated short (live action or nominated) to actually nail its ending.



A Morning Stroll