A week or two back Jared asked us to list the dozen movies we were most excited for this summer. Now, the summer movie season never seems to turn out well for me as all the animated sequels and mindless action flicks blur together. Every weekend there’s a new huge release that’s totally forgotten three weeks later.

But I perused the release schedule with misguided optimism, assuming I could find some diamonds in the rough. It turned out to be a good thing that Jared requested a dozen because my first long-list, which I assumed I would narrow down to the final group, came in at precisely twelve. And that’s using a very generous definition of “excited.” By the end it came down to those that I’m marginally more in favor of seeing than not. The whole process was so dispiriting I never got the list to Jared before he and Brian started posting.

I’m sure I’ll see other movies not on this list, particularly ones that pick up some good reviews. Now that The Avengers is getting good reviews I’ll probably check it out eventually. Maybe something like Bourne Legacy or The Dictator will end up being worth my time. But maybe I’ll mostly catch up on some DVDs this summer?

So here’s my list and exactly 5 words about each.

True Excitement

1. The Dark Knight Rises. Duh, I am only human.

2. Brave. Pixar without cars is golden.

Look Pretty Interesting

3. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Gotta be funnier than Melancholia.

4. To Rome With Love. I liked his last one.

5. Safety Not Guaranteed. Bill and Ted for hipsters?

Has a Good Pedigree

6. Lawless. Finally, Shia in a Western.

7. Moonrise Kingdom. Without Baumbach Anderson might prosper.

8. Take this Waltz. Can Rogen handle dramedy? Doubtful.

9. Beasts of the Southern Wild. Sundance darlings always succeed, right?

Maybe One or Two Elements Piqued My Interest

10. Ted. Great premise; hinges on execution.

11. Magic Mike. In Steven Soderbergh I trust.

12. Premium Rush. Gordon-Levitt and Shannon always rock.