I’m doing the proper internet thing and instead of bravely going out on a limb like Jared to make my own Spirit Awards predictions I will stand on the sidelines and lob grenades.

He’s underestimating Beasts of the Southern Wild, though there are eligibility issues for first films, I believe. So I don’t think it’s eligible for Best Feature but it should be for Best Director… I think?

Bernie should also do very well. If there’s any lock I’d say it’s Jack Black for Best Actor.

If End of Watch does grab that Best Feature nomination he’s predicting, you would think it’d drag along at least one actor with it, right? Probably Michael Pena.

Finally, there’s the John C Reilly Rule, which is that a John C Reilly-type name actor will pop up for a comedy indie people mostly liked but forgot about, often for the film’s lone nomination. Reilly can’t go for the threepeat after pulling this off for Cyrus (for which he won our vote) and Cedar Rapids the past two years as he was in no eligible films. So count on Jason Segel and/or Ed Helms (or Susan Sarandon) for Jeff Who Lives at Home.

By the way, Pitch Perfect comes in under the $20 million budget. Do we dare to dream? And does this seem like a good year to jump on the Rebel Wilson bandwagon and have her host?