I saw Rust and Bone as part of an epic movie-watching day with Brian.  I got a head start on my own, watching Mr. Baseball in the morning, and as it turns out, I probably should have stopped there.

Marion Cotillard is fantastic – She’s incredibly beautiful, obviously.  But she’s also a heck of an actress.
Except she keeps starring in terrible movies – Good lord.  I mean, this is no La Vie En Rose, but easily one of my least favorite films of the year.
But she has been part of some great movies – There’s her Christopher Nolan pair (Inception and Dark Knight Rises), Midnight in Paris, and Contagion.  And this definitely not me getting sidetracked because I can’t think of much to compliment in the movie.


Marion Cotillard as an underground MMA manager with two artificial legs is like the greatest thing ever No seriously.  I would watch the heck out of that movie.
Unfortunately that’s only one of the film’s dozen different subplots – None of which seem to go anywhere, really.  I just didn’t care about any of the characters or any of the stories.  Other than Marion Cotillard, underground MMA manager.
Did I mention the part where Marion Cotillard is an underground MMA manager for part of the movie? – Because that was awesome.


Matthias Schoenaerts wasn’t bad – I haven’t seen Bullhead, but I’m more interested now.  I mean, sure, I’d rather Tom Hardy in the role.  But I’d welcome seeing Schoenaerts in some action movies.  Maybe as one of the main henchmen?
Seriously, what movie are people seeing? – The film matched none of my expectations, based on what I had previously read.  Or maybe I was too distracted by the sheer inanity of the movie to notice anything else.
Um, Marion Cotillard is pretty? – Kinda running out of nice things to say about the movie.  I apparently have stricter classifications than most, because while I agree she gives an Oscar-worthy performance, it is clearly a supporting actress role to me.

If the movie were a sandwich, it would be: One of those deli sandwiches with like six different types of meat, except as served by a school cafeteria.