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Because no one is tired of movie awards news, here are some quick thoughts on Thursday night’s Critics’ Choice Awards.  Which are the awards handed out by the BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Association).  Which isn’t confusing.

–For me, the moment of the night was Ben Affleck winning Best Director.  The BFCA masterfully scheduled this thing the night of Oscar noms, so the snubs and surprises still rang fresh in our minds and especially in the minds of those in attendance.  The sheer joy in the crowd at hearing Affleck’s name after he missed an Oscar nom is an emotion I won’t soon forget.  As was the look of disbelief fading into something like relief on Affleck’s face.  It has surely been a rough day for him, but his speech was nothing but charm and class.

–Quick review of the show itself.  Ran on time, so well done there.  Though it helped that two winners didn’t show.  I really liked the shots of the stars as the show went to commercial breaks, it actually seemed relatively candid.  I didn’t like the I’m XX and I’m a critic shtick that shows like this and the SAG awards do, but I was amused when Jon Lovitz showed up.  Host Sam Rubin was exactly like what you’d expect an entertainment reporter to be like hosting: professional, star-gazing, and not entirely memorable enough that no one really noticed when he largely went away during the middle chunk of the show, as hosts are wont to do.

–Also, let me once again advertise my banter writing services.  I just don’t understand the point of having a movie star up there to dispense two sentences of platitudes.  Seems like a wasted opportunity.  Especially since most of these people are capable of reading lines.  And I come cheap.

–Especially if I can write for Emmy Rossum.  I secretly believe she’d be a great host and am not so secretly madly in love with her.

–Kris Tapley (and I’m sure others) made the point that the show is obsessed with the Oscars.  I don’t disagree, but I find it odd the major critics organization would model its awards after the Oscars and pride itself on being a predictor for the Oscars.  Or maybe I just am hoping for an Armond White awards show.

–Hard to get too worked up over any of the awards.  I guess Silver Linings for Best Ensemble is a mistake, but really, it seems like I’m OK with most nominees and winners this year.  I like that the Critics’ Choice has Action, Comedy, and Sci-fi/Horror categories.  Though I wouldn’t say Silver Linings is a comedy.  Jennifer Lawrence won a bunch of stuff, but she’s awesome, so I don’t mind.  Bradley Cooper dropped a David Wain/Wet Hot American Summer reference, so he’s A-OK in my book.  Jessica Chastain laid down a weighty Brecht reference, so she just wins.  Quvenzhane Wallis read her speech from an iPhone, which is somehow even more adorable than it sounds.

–Rebel Wilson introduced Judd Apatow for a career achievement thing.  You will not be surprised to learn both were funny.

–Final thought: I think the Critics’ Choice and other awards shows succeed when they remember they are putting on a show for a TV audience and fail when they forget that no one cares about their specific group.  I think I speak for most people when I say that on some level, I don’t really care who the voting body is or what they stand for or how this show is different from the dozen others I’ll watch this season.  I’m in it to root for/against people and movies and to see movie stars.  Preferably engaging in witty banter.

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