The Sundance awards were announced last night, so let’s see how Ian and I did, in draft order (and I’ll include the distributor, if any, who bought the film, because why not):

Ian – Ain’t Them Bodies Saints – WINNER – Cinematography (tie) – Distributor: IFC Films

Jared – Upstream Color – WINNER – Special Jury Sound

Jared – Kill Your Darlings – Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

Ian – The Spectacular Now – WINNER – Special Jury Acting – Distributor: A24

Ian – Fruitvale – WINNER – Grand Jury Prize AND Audience – Distributor: Weinstein

Jared – C.O.G.

Jared – Touchy Feely

Ian – May in the Summer

Ian – In a World… – WINNER – Screenwriting

Jared – Mother of George – WINNER – Cinematography (tie) – Distributor: Oscilloscope

Jared – Concussion – Distributor: Radius-TWC

Ian – Afternoon Delight – WINNER – Directing

Ian – Toy’s House – Distributor: CBS Films

Jared – Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes

Jared – Austenland – Distributor: Sony Pictures

Ian – The Lifeguard


We didn’t quite finalize the scoring, but Ian has it as: Ian 10, Jared 3, and that sounds about right to me.  A big thanks to Ian for suggesting this, taking the time to do it, and for breathlessly reporting the results.  I look forward to getting revenge next year.