Now that you’ve read the pick by pick breakdown of our fantasy Cannes draft, let’s see what everyone’s strategy and thoughts were:


I struggled throughout with balancing what I actually thought could be good with what I felt the Frenchies at Cannes would actually think was good. I’m generally really pleased with my slate and with one lone exception, and presuming they turn out to be halfway decent, would be interested in seeing them. I used IonCinema’s countdown as my guide for these picks.


Team Name: The Long and Winding Refn

Going into the draft, my strategy was to lean towards the buzzworthy and Francophone. I wanted films from directors who seemed to be veterans of the film festival circuit, and perhaps due for a win or two. All told, I’m a little worried that I drafted with too strong an American bias, passing up great native performances for movies that belong more to this continent either in content or in casting. That said, I am happy with many of the movies in terms of their PR campaign and ability to seize the moment, and I look forward to the competition to find out if they are able to capitalize.


Earning admission to walk the Croisette is already the mark of a certain quality, so I was looking for things that set the films apart.  I grabbed the only female- and African-helmed movies in competition, for example.  Not sure I loved having last pick.  I don’t mind my first-rounder, but picking on the end means I really couldn’t try to game the draft too much.  I had a sneaking suspicion that Grisgris would have fallen back to me in round 3, for example, but didn’t make sense to risk it.  I would be remiss if I didn’t link to Neil Young’s Cannes odds, which broke a tie or two for me.  Ian also points out IonCinema’s two sets of odds, from Blake Williams and Nicholas Bell.  And Guy Lodge’s series at InContention has been fantastic, and if it had a set link, I’d use it.