I thought Fast & Furious 6 was pretty fantastic.  The hyperbolic bombast led to a sense of ridiculous fun all too often forgotten in summer blockbusters.  I’ve got plenty of thoughts on the film, but as the opening credits rolled, I came to a surprising realization.  (Caution: one minor spoiler below.)

Guess how many people from the film are proud Spirit Award nominees?

This swaggiest of Hollywood sequels contains at least four!

Director Justin Lin was nominated for the John Cassevetes award for Better Luck Tomorrow.  He lost to the team behind The Station Agent, a film I find quite wonderful.

Michelle Rodriguez won Best Debut Performance for her role in Girlfight.  Other nominees included Rory Culkin, Mike White, and the simply amazing Emmy Rossum.

John Ortiz returns to the franchise in this installment.  He was nominated for the truly horrible Jack Goes Boating, losing out to John Hawkes’s performance in Winter’s Bone.

And Thure Lindhardt was up for Best Male Lead in the most recent Spirit Awards for his turn in Keep the Lights On, also losing out to John Hawkes (The Sessions).