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Thanks to everyone who submitted picks and/or joined us for the liveblog.  We had a great time this Oscar season and we hope we made it a little bit more tolerable for you.  Here are the final results from our Oscar pool.  A begrudging congrats to Adam, who ditched us on the big night, with an impressive 19 correct.  John, Gavin, and Borjan finished in second with 18 and Will and I finished tied for fifth with 17.  I’m pretty angry at Girl with the Dragon Tattoo‘s editing win because it prevented my test ballot from getting a perfect zero.  MSL, Ben, Kevin, and Allison finished tied for last with 5.

Name Total
Adam Lundberg 19
John 18
Gavin “G-Love” Weiss 18
Borjan Zic 18
Will Deitz 17
Jared 17
Blair Lundberg 16
Brian 15
The Bob 14
Mameleh 14
Jamie! 14
Ian 14
Grantland Mark Harris 14
Phil Sanford 13
Gregory Oshel 13
becca 13
Anne 13
Seth D 12
Molly Brown 12
Lisa Lindeke 12
Vincent Novicki 10
Suzanne 10
Leah Goldfine 10
Seth Hyatt 9
krista 9
Bryant 9
Scott Weese 8
Jeffro 8
Claudia 8
Lucy 7
Linda Lundberg 7
LeahW 7
Aaron 7
Reed 6
Emily in Ann Arbor 6
Alissa G 6
Kevin 5
Ben 5
Allison 5
Test Ballot 1

We made our Oscar nomination picks on Monday and the results are in! And, just like in our Golden Globes pool, we have a tie.

In the Big Eight categories, Brian and Jared tied with 39 while John got 37 (out of 45). We completely whiffed on several nominees: Penelope Cruz for Supporting Actress, The Blind Side for Picture, The Messenger for Original Screenplay, and In the Loop for Adapted Screenplay.

On the plus side, Brian boldly predicted Maggie Gyllenhaal for Supporting Actress and was rewarded. Going with Helen Mirren in the fifth spot wasn’t a particularly bold choice, but it also wasn’t obvious, and it gave Jared a perfect slate for Best Actress.

For the entire list of nominees, Jared and John tied at 78 (out of 105). We ended up choosing the exact same slate of nominees for several of the categories, making the competition close if a little boring.

John was one off from perfection for Cinematographpy and  Sound Mixing while picking three correct Original Songs. Jared did well to pick correctly all but one in the Costume and Original Score catgories.

Maybe our Oscar pool will finally be able to declare a definitive winner!

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