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Brian and I closed out our day of movies with Moonrise Kingdom.  But not before cracking open some nice whiskey.  Which I certainly needed, because I really can’t stand Wes Anderson.

Anderson’s distinctive style is omnipresent From the dialogue to the set decoration to the costumes, every single second of the film I was aware I was watching a Wes Anderson film.
Anderson’s distinctive style is omnipresent – From the dialogue to the set decoration to the costumes, every single second of the film I was aware I was watching a friggin’ Wes Anderson film.  Seriously, dude, get over yourself and get out of the way of the story.
Anderson’s distinctive style is omnipresent – I’m not completely uncouth.  Anderson’s tweer-than-thou direction was occasionally effective.  I particularly liked the playful absurdity of the phone calls between Bruce Willis/Ed Norton and both Sam’s adopted father and Social Services.

At its heart, the film’s love story is rather sweet – Not that the tale of two misfit adolescents in love is anything new, but there’s something charming about the somehow both incredibly adult and childlike way the two main characters go off together.
But let’s not go overboard – Obviously, I prefer my Wes Anderson in as a constrained, small dose as possible (assuming “not at all” isn’t an option).  To me, everything after the pair was found in their tent was gratingly messy.
OK, OK, I see the point That said, thinking about the film as I’m doing this write up has made me realize Anderson’s trademark precocious kids were kinda effective here in making an “Up with kids, down with adults” argument (or, if you prefer, lamenting the increasing complexity of issues one faces as one gets older) as each of the kids seemingly had things figured out, while all of the adults had significant problems they couldn’t work out.

The film had a rather impressive cast – I believe they combine for something like 2 Oscar wins for acting and additional 4 nominations.   Plus, I have respect for whoever convinced Bruce Willis to do the film, because he really does have the chops to do more than be an action star.
Were they any good? – Honestly, the Wes Andersoness of it all was too overwhelming for me to get a sense of whether I liked the actors in any of their roles.
It could only be Jared – The actor who played Sam is Jared Gilman.  As a fellow Jared, I gotta represent.

If the movie were a sandwich, it would be: A cucumber sandwich with pastel-colored bread

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