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In “Silence Is Not Golden,” we are attempting to take a look at some modestly-released films through the eyes of the filmmakers themselves.  In this installment, Scott Prendergast was kind enough to answer our questions about Kabluey, released in July 2008 and available on DVD.  Here’s a brief look at our thoughts on the film.

Golden Grouches: As writer, director, and star (and I’ve read where you said it wasn’t necessarily easy to convince potential producers that you should take the lead), it would certainly seem like you had significant control over how Kabluey went into the can.  Were there any limitations preventing the final cut from being what you hoped for, or was the end result how you envisioned it would be when you first set out on the project?

Scott Prendergast: There were ALL SORTS of limitations preventing the final cut from being what I had hoped for.  But I realized that no movie ever lives up to the initial hope/dream/idea.  And that’s not always a bad thing.

There are financial limitations (we don’t have enough money to blow up a car), time limitations (we don’t have enough time to shoot all 4 seasons), availability limitations (Zsa Zsa Gabor can’t play the lead).

Then there are what we’ll call “personnel” limitations.  Like, the director of photography goes insane and stops taking his medication.  Or one of the producers is a maniac and wants to direct the film himself.  Or one of the actors is barely hanging onto reality.

These are all generic examples.  We had our share of troubles on Kabluey – but you always have troubles.  SOMETHING always comes up.  And you realize that making a movie is all about DEALING with the problems in a creative way that will not derail your vision for the movie.

And of course the director is usually wrong about something.  Like, it’s not actually that charming to have a 5 minute close up of the teddy bear.  Or the music he wrote for the film is awful.  Or the film is just too long and the test audiences hate it.  Or the footage just doesn’t add up to the same story told in the script.

So again – you are working with what you have – and creatively improvising to make something in line with what you had originally hoped for.

Kabluey ended up being about 75% of what I had originally hoped for.  But there are so many things in the movie that I LOVE that were not in the script.  I was asked to write a few scenes – and I did it begrudgingly – and those scenes turned out fantastic.

It’s all about rolling with the punches and creatively improvising.

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