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The Simpsons a few weeks back did one of their episodes where they present a different story in each act. They’ve tackled Greek myths, fairytales, and tall tales over the years, among other topics. The loose theme this time centered around woman characters as Lisa and Marge get a mani/pedi (I guess after twenty seasons they’re running out of ideas even for these one-off episodes).

And surprisingly the first story they presented was that of Elizabeth I. But not the actual history. Instead they went with the version as presented in Shekhar Kapur’s Elizabeth: The Golden Age, the widely-panned 2007 Elizabeth sequel that still managed to land Cate Blanchett a Best Actress nom and won the Best Costume Oscar.

Isn’t that odd? The Simpsons maintains some of Kapur’s pretty large dramatic licenses and borrows the film’s imagery, including Elizabeth in a suit of armor on horseback and a flaming English ship sailing into the Spanish Armada. So here’s the fairly well-known¬†story of a famous figure but The Simpsons chooses to play off a box office flop that only made about $16 million domestically. Does that mean next year we can expect vignettes based on Soul Men? Body of Lies? Pride & Glory? Forgot about all of those, didn’t you?

Anyway, the piece was pretty funny with Selma as Elizabeth, Homer as Sir Walter Raleigh, Marge as the lady in waiting, and Moe as the Geoffrey Rush advisor character. The other stories were Snow White, MacBeth, and The Fountainhead of all things. Random. Here’s a clip from the Elizabeth portion:

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Full episode here until its Hulu window expires. And in other vaguely Oscar-related/Simpsons linkage, here’s a video with Yeardley Smith (voice of Lisa) and Ellen Page.

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