Oh Adam.  I’ll give you that your response was lucid and well-written.  Perhaps there’s some sixth-grader somewhere that you’d be able to convince with those arguments.

Let’s skip past the first three points, I think we both agree that Michael Bay movies have made money and aren’t critically reviled.  Anything else is nothing more than a supporting cog in either of our arguments.

Actors and actresses do pass up big budget movies all the time.  Like anyone else, they jump at the chance to make money, but I’m sure they have options other than Michael Bay movies in which to do so.  I still think there is compelling evidence that something other than money is driving them to his movies.  Also, yes, it isn’t hard to cast a hot actress in a movie.   So why doesn’t it happen more often?  How often do you wish the female lead were just a little more attractive?  And how often has that happened in a Michael Bay movie?

But let’s get back to my “semi-valid” points.  I’m glad you were big enough to concede them.  Perhaps the best way to frame my argument is: Imagine someone else directing a Michael Bay movie.  Do you think that would make for a better movie?

We both agree that directors’ roles are often overrated, that scriptwriters and producers generally play pretty important roles in movies.   But can you really think of people you’d rather have helming the type of movies Michael Bay does?  I grant that he specializes in a subgenre of action.  But not so specific that there aren’t plenty of movies aspiring to be Michael Bay movies.  If you were a producer looking to make a movie from an action script you have the rights to, are you honestly telling me Michael Bay wouldn’t be one of the first directors you’d try to get?  To me, Michael Bay excels at directing action movies.  Sure, you might not like all of his movies.  I’d disagree with that sentiment, but you have a right to be wrong.  But I’d wager you don’t really think the problem with the movies was Michael Bay.  You probably didn’t like the script.  I don’t care how great the director is, if they are working from a poor script, the movie is going to be bad.

I could go on, but let’s start there.  Would you really have picked other people to direct the movies Michael Bay has?